Assemblage was founded based on one simple quest; to make it easy to for people and companies to collaborate online with multiple people at the same time. Since that first spark of an idea in 2011, Assemblage products have gone on to help companies and people in over 140 countries around the world to work together real-time on the web.

We build products that we need ourselves, that are simple to use and share, yet extremely powerful for you and your business.


Chief Marketing Officer, Co-founder

Cathrine has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and USA and has extensive experience with international business development, international communication and marketing. She is the Assemblage communicator and is a key driver of partnerships and business development. Cathrine has been an entrepreneur for the past 8 years and has worked with teams across the globe before founding Assemblage, always with a clear focus on achieving the highest results.

Chief Techincal Officer, Co-founder

Christian is the driving force behind product innovation at Assemblage and leads the technical team to develop products that meet all requirements of enterprises world-wide. He is an outstanding front- and backend developer and has a deep understanding of all processes of product development. Christian has 8 years’ experience making technical teams excel and was CTO of a company with 900+ employees before founding Assemblage.


As the EMEA Marketing Programs Manager at Salesforce.com, Elisabeth specialized in the Software Services industry. She is an experienced international business developer, communicator and relationship builder. She is a “Swiss Army Knife of Marketing” with experience and documented results in all disciplines from lead generation through field and event marketing to PR in strategic alignment with stakeholders in line of business and sales.


Lars founded his business out of university and has over 30 years’ experience in direct sales, marketing and operations. International sales and business development are Lars’ strengths, adding experience from other industries than technology to the Assemblage team.


Ole Meyer grew his first business from 0 to 125 employees and a position as market leader using his vast experience in management and international communication. He specializes in New Business Development, Key Account Management, Mergers and Acquisitions and is passionate about technology and high-growth technology companies.


Once a First Lieutenant in the army and since then holding leadership positions within Banking, Education and Tech, Nina is all about results. She is fast-paced and inspires the Assemblage team to always aim higher, be faster and better. “You cannot steer a parked car. Once in motion, you can course correct based on real data, not theory. When you achieve a result, you can benchmark. When you improve, you can execute more effectively.”