Simplicity and Growth

The relationship between growth and simplicity is something we have discussed a lot at Assemblage. Growing your user base is extremely important for almost any kind of business online – especially in the SaaS industry where you ideally want users to sign up, use your product and convert to paying users automatically, user growth is essential to your business. Read more here on best porn sites

While building our products at Assemblage products, we’ve been through a steep learning curve on the UX/UI side and there is one key learning we’d like to share our Law of Growth and Simplicity, namely that Growth is inversely proportionate to simplicity. You can contact our online live chat support here: gay webcams

At Assemblage we’ve built 3 products;, and is the most complex to use, Presentation would be the second most complex system and is so lean that it’s scary – it’s just a button. The growth curve is exactly opposite of the products’ complexity. 

No matter whether it relates to a marketing message, a landing page, a newsletter or the “inside” of a platform, the same thing goes: One sentence. One message. One feature. The simpler it is, the stronger the uptake. 

Growth is almost exactly reverse proportionate to the complexity of our platforms at Assemblage. The same goes for retention. 

Especially in the enterprise software space it is still a common misperception that complexity is good. Simplicity does not mean a lack of features, in our opinion it just means hiding them when the user doesn’t need them. One example is our notion of time based UX, which we will go deeper into in a coming blog post here: gay porn sites

It goes both ways

We’ve been getting a large amount of requests for 2-way voice and video in virtual reality porn sites and it has now arrived! Now you can not only talk to the people you’re sharing your screen with – you can finally speak with them. 

How? Simply start your own webcam/audio and click the small video icon next to the list of connected viewers on the front page. 

Go nuts. 

Your personal Screensharing URL

So you do a lot of screensharing? Well, you’re not the only one. And now we’ve made it much easier for all of you people out there that share your screens a lot. Get your own personal screensharing URL – e.g. interracial porn sites. By setting up your handle, you can simply send people to your personal URL every time you’re sharing your screen with someone. No need to generate random URLs every time – it’s always the same. 

Don’t worry – you can also set and change passwords for security. 

You need to upgrade your account to get your personal handle. 


One Metric per Week: How we doubled activation of users in under 7 days

We’ve recently learned how important it is to only focus on improving one single metric at the time and here’s the staggering result that came out of it.

We’ve used a bunch of analytics tools in the past but basically they were all really hard to get any relevant data out of. Now we’re tracking everything using Mixpanel, which is a.w.e.s.o.m.e. However, it’s easy to fall into the trap of measuring so much that you end up with total information overflow. That’s why we recently started “One Metric Per Week”, highly inspired by Kissmetrics’ uk cam girlsOne Metric that Matters, which encourages companies to find one metric that matters most to them at their current stage and focus on that.

Our version – One Metric per Week – basically just means that we pick a metric each week and focus intensely on improving that one metric for 7 days.  

Here’s the result of the first week of OMPW.

We decided to focus on User Activation for the first metrics sprint since we had a pretty acute problem here: Only 35% of people who signed up for started a screensharing session. Ouch.   

We quickly pinpointed a couple of things that were too unclear / difficult in the process and changed them on Dec. 17th. We also started sending out automated emails through Mixpanel to everyone who hadn’t started a session (that feature rocks). Result: 70.73% of all signed up users started a session. 

On the 18th we added a 20 sec screencast of how to get over the simple step you need to do before being able to share your screen for the first time. What happened? Almost 91% of all people that signed up started a screensharing session. 

See where your screensharing viewers are from

Update to You can now see where people viewing your screen are located. Minor thing, but it’s something we’ve been getting a lot of requests for and here it is. 

A guide on how to enable screen sharing in the Google Chrome. Try the easiest screen sharing today here ghetto gaggers

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Update: Password protect your screensharing sessions on

As per many requests the past weeks, we’ve now added the possibility to password protect your screensharing sessions over on free chatrooms

It’s simple but a must for a lot of you guys using   in your company. 

Remember that we’re always here for ideas and suggestions or feedback: free live gay chat ;

Mass distribute your presentations fast with Lists

We’re introducing Lists in this week – an extremely effective way of distributing your presentation to a lot of people at the same time. 

This is the easiest way to auto-invite e.g. the same 5, 50 or 500 people to watch your presentation – extremely time saving if you’re presenting to the same group of people all the time. 

The idea is simple – group your regular audiences in lists and invite people instantly instead of typing email addresses again and again. 


1. Create a list called e.g. “French Class A” 

2. Add all email addresses of the students in French Class A or upload a file containing the email addresses

3. Go to the presentation, click “share” and choose the audience icon and then choose your list – e.g. “French Class A”. Hit send. Everyone is now invited to join your presentation.  

We’ve launched to make screensharing not suck. Really.

Working together over distance is still a pain. WebEx, GoToMeeting, Teamviewer – legacy applications that require installations, plugins and downloads still rule the world of enterprise collaboration. At Assemblage, we aim to challenge all of the above armed with the newest browser technologies, simplicity and products that take one click or less to fire up.

Yesterday we launched one of those simple but powerful one-click products in public beta. best adult affiliate programs – one of the first screensharing applications without any plugins, downloads or installations. We built to be the simplest way to share your screen online but also as one of the most powerful ones with features such as HD video and voice integrated in the platform from the outset.

Sharing your screen is one of the most effective ways of showing someone your work over distance and we felt that screensharing was in dire need of a fresh start. It’s not OK to spend 15 or 20 minutes setting up and installing things on your computer before being able to get work done remotely. That’s how we think with all our products at Assemblage and is no exception.  

With the beta launch of latinaabuse , we’re starting to show the tip of the iceberg behind our mission to rule real-time collaboration with extremely simple and beautiful products for a new generation of enterprises. In case you’ve forgotten, our two other products are best 10 porn sites 2024 and, both in public beta, and built respectively to disrupt web conferences and webinars. Within the next couple of months you will start to see the much bigger picture and more synergies between Assemblage products to take collaboration to a whole new level. So stay tuned. 

blackonblackcrime, Introducing the Remote Control 2.0

You can now control your show with your smartphone. It’s simple: Just start your presentation and we’ll send you a text with a link to make your phone a remote.

Simply upload your presentation, click “Settings” and then “Use mobile phone as controller”. Now you can control your presentation with your mobile phone as a clicker. Voila. It is that easy.

Other updates.
We have worked intensively on lowering the load time of your slideshow for your audience. This ensures a fast and smooth experience for everybody in the crowd. Remember that you can broadcast yourself in HD video or just voice while presenting to an unlimited amount of people anywhere. bdsm porn sites vr porn therealworkout over40handjob